MONOLITE IPERGRES® can be modelled, shaped, holed, its surfaces can be engraved to obtain unique decorations or can be finished with coloured glazes in particular hues and nuances, and which simultaneously grant to the objects surface an excellent resistance to chemical agents, to scratches and to abrasion. The glazed surface is immune to aggressive substances, it does not absorb fat and liquids, making the worktop absolutely hygienic (complements for bathroom environment) and ideal for the natural treatment of food (kitchen environments). The particular characteristics of MONOLITE IPERGRES® allow to produce objects that can resist even at high temperatures use (fireplaces, stoves) and in direct contact with heat sources. Hot objects can be placed directly on the glazed surface without damaging it. Slabs can be realized with thickness from 8 to 60 mm, self-supporting even in large sizes, and large objects, particularly crucial for kitchen and bathroom environments (functional plans, equipped walls, integrated sinks of various shapes and types, etc.).